Why Gamification Is Important In Marketing?

Why Gamification Is Important In Marketing?

Marketing a business is getting harder each day as more competitions are coming along the way. So, marketers are offering a creative approach to promote their business, and gamification is a great way to properly market a brand.

Gamification is important in marketing for the following reasons:

  1. It increases user engagement
  2. Provides real value to brands
  3. Creates brand awareness
  4. This leads to a high conversion rate
  5. Target larger audience
  6. Marketers can collect consumer data
  7. Less expensive than traditional marketing

Using gamification on casual mobile games makes it a great option for brand marketing. Marketers are currently using branded games to grow their businesses.

In this article, you will learn all the reasons why gamification on popular casual games is so important in marketing and why you should use this method of marketing to your business too.

Increases User Engagement

Gamification of popular casual games increases user engagement as users tend to play the game and share the game with their friends and family. 

From my experience, I’ve seen people tend to play branded games from 15 minutes to 30 minutes as these games can be very exciting to play and create user engagement in a short period of time.

As gamification is most used on popular casual games which are easily playable and people of any age can understand the simple mechanics of these casual games.

Branded games usually show the advertisement of the brand or business which a user notices while playing the game and they get to learn about the business.

Provides Real Value to Brands

When you are marketing your brands, you need to know that the marketing strategy you are following needs to provide great value to your brand as you are spending money and time on that particular marketing.

In a traditional way, you can easily market your brand which most business does. As the market is growing and getting more saturated in any industry, you must need to be creative with advertising to get ahead of your competition.

Using the gamification method on a popular game creates engagement and adds real value to the brand.

Creates Brand Awareness

When you are starting out a business then it becomes really important to create brand awareness so that people around your area get to know about your brand.

With traditional marketing, it can become frustrating to create brand awareness as everyone is using the traditional method. If you have competition in your business that traditional marketing might not offer the best value to your business.

Branded games, on the other hand, offer great features that can easily create brand awareness and people can easily aware of your business.

When you use branded games for marketing you put your brand logo on the game or offer intellectual features that are more relevant to your brand and people can easily understand what your business is about.

Leads to High Conversion Rate

We all look for the conversion rate when it comes to sales and marketing. To sell a product through marketing, a customer needs to go through a process and only a few customers get converted to paying customers.

Gamification is important for a high conversion rate. As we are talking about the gamification of a popular casual game into a branded game, it leads to more conversion rate than the usual marketing method.

Companies are currently using different types of gamification methods to get high conversion rates. At Auctionvilla we are offering branded games that businesses are using for better marketing purposes as well as for better conversion rates.

Targets Larger Audience

Branded games usually target a larger audience through social media as it engages more users and if a popular game is gamified as a branded game then it creates more retention rate.

If the audience likes the game they usually share it with friends and family or on social media which creates a larger audience than traditional marketing.

Marketers Can Collect Consumer Data

Through branded games, marketers can easily collect consumer data through google analytics and Facebook pixel.

This data will show all the information that marketers need to know to properly advertise a brand. 

If you are wondering about how branded games are going to collect consumer data. Well, at Autionvilla we are offering branded games at an inexpensive price with the additional support of analytics and Facebook pixel which will help you better monetize your advertisement strategy.

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Less Expensive than Traditional Marketing

Marketing to the right audience through traditional ways can be expensive. Brands invest thousands of dollars every month for their own brand promotion.

If you are marketing your business then you already know traditional marketing is expensive whereas branded games use a simple strategy to create awareness and engagement for the brand.

At Aucitonvilla platforms, we are offering a standard package that costs only $149 which offers a lot of features with a good marketing strategy.

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