Who Plays Hyper Casual Games?

Who Plays Hyper Casual Games?

You should know who plays hyper-casual games when you advertise or monetize your games. Therefore, all single types of games have several audiences’ bases, and the developers must know that precisely. You will be at the top with your games if you can somehow define your targeted audience.

Women have the highest tendency to play hyper-casual games. Besides, people aged between 18 to 44 in different countries (the USA, UK, and Korea are most prominent) usually like to play hyper-casual games. Regarding the United States, about 55 % of hyper-casual games players are women because of its simplicity.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the target audience, market size and why do people play Hyper Casual games. So, keep reading the article to get the essence of hyper-casual games.

What Are Hyper-Casual Games?

Hyper casual games are the most uncomplicated formats where players don’t need to apply mental concentration. These games are pretty easy to play and suitable for almost all classes of people.

Hyper casual games quickly provide you with pleasure and excitement, giving less effort.

Developers used the simplest of mechanics to make these sorts of games. You’ll be able to participate in hyper-casual games only with the help of the movement of your fingers.

Besides, these games generally allow players to go to the next level very comfortably.

You can also play this type of game while multitasking as well. As the day advances, the popularity of hyper-casual games is climbing up to the top.

The most significant fact about the hyper-casual game is these games are playable for an infinite amount of time.

There are many renowned hyper-casual games out there that you may have already known.

The most popular hyper-casual games are; Temple Run, Angry Bird, Candy Crush Stack Ball, Run Race 3D, Crowd City, Grass Cut, Jelly Jump, and easy and exciting stuff to play anytime.

Hyper-Casual Games Target Audience

Knowing the targeting audience before developing any particular game is always essential. The targeted audience for hyper-casual games is no exception.

As we mentioned above, hyper-casual games are full of simplicity. People find a lot of ease while playing the game.

Children and older adults prefer games that are easy to play. Besides, a more significant number of women worldwide play hyper-casual games once they manage time.

But hyper-casual games don’t stick with a particular type of audience at all. Men also like to play hyper-casual games. In the USA, about 45% of men play hyper casual games.

 If we take the most popular hyper-casual games like Angry Bird, almost all the classes of people have enjoyed playing this game.

People in the United States, UK, and South Korea have more hyper-casual games players.

However, people who are not tech-savvy would like to play hyper-casual games a lot. There are different demographics of players out there when we talk about who plays hyper-casual games on a large scale. 

At the end of the day, if you are a game developer, you should try to make games where people find a lot of simplicity and ease.

What Is The Target Audience For Hyper-Casual Games?

People from Western countries tend to play hyper-casual games compared to the east. Therefore, this will be an appropriate audience if you intend to develop hyper-casual games.

As we have shown above, hyper-casual games take a short time to play; people who are full-time employees can also play the games while taking a break at work.

Besides, there are some key things that you need to consider when defining the targeted audience for hyper-casual games. 

  • Hyper-casual games have gained 49% of download in the United States compared to other types of games.
  • According to udonis, hyper-casual games have gained 41% download in the UK, which is pretty impressive.
  • People play hyper-casual games to relieve stress as it doesn’t require any expertise to play the game.

It would always be better for the developers to make the games simple, stylish, and enjoyable. No doubt, youth are also playing hyper-casual games for their recreation.

Hyper-Casual Games Market Size

The market of hyper-casual games is gradually increasing at a high rate because of the popularity of these sorts of games. Hyper-casual games have several genres that make the game more efficient for people worldwide.

It doesn’t matter what type of modern mobile phone you use; the hyper-casual games will be appropriate for each mobile type. If we talk about the market growth of hyper-casual games in recent days, it is sky-high. Most game players prefer hyper-casual games a lot for different reasons.

Here is the data of hyper-casual games in 2019, 2020, 2021

  • Hyper-casual games achieved over 45% of mobile games downloaded in 2019 which is 7.8 billion downloads. 
  • The download rate of hyper-casual games was 11.8 billion in 2020
  • If we consider the circumstances of 2021, the rate goes above 50% with billions of downloads. There were approximately 14 billion installs in 2021.

According to deconstructoroffun, in 2020 estimated ad revenue crossed 3 billion which is double in comparison to 2019.

Many possible cases play a prominent role in the massive market of hyper-casual games. Developers are reaching different classes of people worldwide. Besides, the billions of dollars generated by the developers are also noticeable.

Why Do People Play Hyper-Casual Games?

There are some valid reasons why people play hyper-casual games so randomly. Besides, they also play the games for a long time as well. Now, we will discover the exact facts here.

Simple and Exciting Graphic

All the hyper-casual games come with exciting and straightforward designs that attract people to play hyper-casual games very often.

People don’t always want to play games with high graphics for crucial reasons. Another benefit of having a simple design is that people can follow the game’s commands correctly.

Developers usually get much ease while developing the games because of the simplest of the designs.

Easy to Play

You will never notice people saying that hyper-casual games are challenging to play. Instead, people of almost all ages (not newborn babies) can play the hyper-casual games randomly.

Therefore, the instructions that people have to follow while playing the game are also straightforward.

Hyper-casual games generally attract people as people can continuously play the games because of the easy steps. If you die or the game is over, you will get endless opportunities to play the games for a long time.

Moreover, players need less effort to play the games than other traditional games where people need much concentration. You don’t need to have pro-level skills to play hyper-casual games.

Take Less Time

People don’t need to spend long-time playing games. Instead, they can finish the game in a short possible time as the levels are elementary.

Whether on a bus or somewhere else, you can play the games according to your comforts.

 Who Plays Casual games?

There is not a single class of people who don’t play casual games. Besides, casual games are easy to play, like hyper-casual games. Therefore, people with significantly younger ages to adults can play casual games prominently.

Almost 33% of overall game players play casual games because they are comparatively easy to understand. Children like to play casual games more frequently. As the day progresses, casual games are reaching millions of people worldwide.

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How Much Do Hyper-Casual Games Earn?

A considerable amount of money. Yes, if you can make stunning games with expertise, you will make much money through hyper-casual games.

You will be able to make around $10-100 per month if you can gain a good number of installed and active players.

Though it depends on the type of game you make, you can earn more money. To know how much you can make as a hyper-casual game developer, read this article.

Also, getting revenue from a game can take a lot of time and patience. That’s why many developers are making instant cash by selling simple hyper-casual games. You can check out my article on,  ‘Where To Sell Hyper Casual Gamesto learn more on this topic.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have learned the information about who plays casual games. Once you have transparent information about the target group, it will provide you with a lot of ease while planning for hyper-casual game development.

The industry of hyper-casual games is vast. You have to showcase developing stunning games and ideally monetize and sell these on a platform like AuctionVilla for making much money. We also hope you have enjoyed the blog.


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