What Is the Good CPI for Hyper Casual Games?

What Is the Good CPI for Hyper Casual Games?

It’s always essential for the developers to figure out the right CPI for their games. You are searching for an answer regarding the good CPI for hyper-casual games here. Hyper casual games are one of the forms of mobile games which are becoming more popular day after day.

On android, the average hyper-casual game CPI is $0.16, whereas it’s around $0.32 on iOS. However, a good CPI for hyper-casual games is <0.32 and <0.40 on android and iOS, respectively. Depending on the types of hyper-casual game and region, the CPI can vary.

Therefore, we don’t want to stick here. Instead, we will take a more in-depth discussion regarding the CPI of hyper-casual games.

Hyper Casual Game Matrics

Every developer needs to know the matrics of the games. Once you have pretty clear information about your project, it will give you a lot of comforts to make your campaign even more effective.

However, people all over the world love to play hyper-casual games. According to the Facebook Gaming Report, the fun fact is that women are more likely to play hyper-casual games than men.

Besides, we have also seen the tendency to play hyper-casual games among children and older adults.

The market of hyper-casual games is also pretty massive as well. In 2021, there were around 14 million downloads of hyper-casual games worldwide. The rate is constantly improving as the day advances. 

There are several genres of hyper-casual games out there, but most people like to play games related to timing by Game Analytics.

The Crossy Road, Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, and Fun Race games have been the most popular hyper-casual games. 

If you are a game developer or looking forward to starting your journey in this career, you should know how much you can earn.

Well, the developers of hyper-casual games are making a lot of money. The possible factor is that hyper-casual games have pretty good market demand.

Hyper Casual Games KPIs

There are plenty of reasons why the KPIs of the hyper-casual games are pretty impressive. Hyper-casual games are the most accessible forms of games that provide the player with much pleasure and joy within a short time.

Game developers worldwide are getting ready to make the best hyper-casual games in different genres.

The KPIs mean Key Performance Indicator. You should know why a particular game genre provides better performance for a long time. The market is becoming huge as far as hyper-casual games are concerned.

Some of the KPIs of the hyper-casual games are;

CPI (Click Per Install):

You have to promote your game with the help of some platforms such as Facebook, AppLovin, Ironsource, etc, to get the CPI of your game. 

AuctionVilla Marketplace is one of the platforms where you can sell your games effectively at a reasonable price. However, Click Per Install always has tremendous impacts on the game’s profit.

Someone can easily calculate the CPI by dividing the number of ads produced in dollars by the total install. If you want to attain the most out of the hyper-casual games, you must try to lower the CPI rate as much as possible.

CPI = Ads Cost / Total Installs

Let’s say you have invested $5000 in an ads campaign, and you have somehow got 3,000 installs. Now the CPI of the game will be $1.6, which you need to pay.

CTR (Click Through Rate):

You might be pretty familiar with this term. However, the CTR simply means the number of people who click on your ads and then finish their processing by buying from you. The game, like hyper-casual games, is pretty impressive as far as CTR is concerned.

IR (Install Rate):

If you can somehow make the rate of IR very high, this simply means your game is performing a lot better. IR or Install Rate indicates the number of people who install your game after watching your ads.

These are the most common key performance indicators that you need to realize while developing, monetizing, and selling your games.

Retention Rate:

Retention rate is basically the percentage of users returning to play your game. Usually, more retention rate means players are loving your game, and you will be generating more revenue per user.

For hyper-casual games, most developers expect a 35% of D1 retention rate. If a game is super exciting, it might get a D1 retention rate over 50%, which is very impressive, and not every game will get there to be honest.

But if your game has D1 retention of over 35% and a D7 retention rate over 15%, it can be considered reasonably good. 

According to Supersonic, any number is over 38% for D1 is impressive. And according to Gaming Shift, the average retention rate right now is around 20 to 40%.  But many indie developers find it difficult to get such a high retention rate.

If you ever submit your game to publishers, they will give a lot of emphasis on this matrix as a high retention rate will allow the game to maintain profitability in the long run as the game grows.

What Is CPI Testing Games?

You can’t just avoid this segment at all. Marketing understanding is one of the critical factors while developing games in recent days. However, you have to calculate the CPI before launching any games or going through with the prototype.

You have to pay your advertisers with some money for each install. Therefore, you can calculate the amount of money with the help of some metrics like your ads budget and the number of installs you are getting. 

Once you have some sort of idea for the CPI testing of your game, it will help you a lot to market your game prominently.

Hence, it is also very essential for the developers of hyper-casual games. You should know the CPI rate first, then move forward to advertising and monetization. 

You will know whether the particular genre of game that you intend to make is worth it or not.

What Is a Good CPI for Mobile Games?

The question now is the question of the town. Most developers don’t like to have higher CPIs, so they want to balance.

If we talk about the average rate, you may get some information to help you make different choices related to your games.

The average CPI for mobile games was $2.24 back in 2020. However, this rate will vary about the types of games you intend to make. 

A good CPI for hyper-casual games is <0.32 and <0.40 on android and iOS, respectively. However, CPI varies depending on region and hyper-casual games.

For example, India has the lowest CPI of $0.02, whereas the US has the highest CPI of $0.48 on android. So, India is the most cost-effective country to get a good number of installs on your game.

CPI also depends on the platform you are using to run campaigns; IronSource is the most cost-effective platform to run campaigns on android.

How Do I Lower My Game CPI?

If you want to lower down your game CPI, there are many ways out there. You will need to know running ads on which platform is more cost-effective.

According to Tenjin, IronSource is the most cost-effective platform to run Ad Campaign where the CPI is only $0.08 on Android.

On iOS, Mintegral is the most cost-effective platform, where the CPI is only $0.15.

Also, you need to be a bit tricky about running ads. We hope you are not confused regarding CPI and what it is. The challenging part is to slow it down.

You will lower your game CPI by making the game’s design more eye-catching for the gameplay video. 

If your gameplay video is perfect and esthetic, you will be able to decrease your game’s CPI. You will try to follow the facts of string visual reactions and affirmation.

Once you can make very engaging gameplay, it will gradually reduce the CPI or Click Per Install rate. Besides, you can promote the gameplay on social media sites to better install by having a low CPI rate. 

Do Hyper-Casual Games Make Money?

Most indie developers make around $10-100 dollars per month with the help of hyper-casual games. As the demand for hyper-casual games is reaching sky-high, it will be possible for you to make more money. 

Another crucial fact is that hyper-casual games are now becoming easy to make and promote. 

AuctionVilla is one marketplace where you can sell your hyper-casual games to make a large sum of money upfront.

Also, you might be able to make a lot of money from the ads in your game, but it’s usually a lengthy procedure in comparison to developing and selling games on online platforms like ours.

At Auctionvilla Marketplace, developers can sell their hyper-casual games within 7 days, which is a lot faster process to earn money, I guess.

 What you need to do is, try to make quality games. Cross-promoting will also help you to earn more money. 

Related Questions

How much is the Cost Per Install?

You have to calculate this to know the exact figure. Therefore, this is the rate that you have to pay the advertisers when you get a new installation via app installation. 

It will be far better if you can lower the CPI. Just divide the number of installations with total campaign ads spent, and get the results.

Why is the Cost Per Install is high?

If your Cost Per Install remains high for a long time, this means there’s something wrong. If we talk about the game, the reason for the high-Cost Per Install is that you are not making eye-catching gameplay.

Therefore, if you cannot promote your games correctly, the CPI may increase.

Final Thoughts

We have been delivering information regarding what is the excellent CPI for hyper-casual games.

Therefore, you may have better information now that will help you while developing the hyper-casual games to sell. 

Besides, the tips we have provided you also help you minimize the CPI and get the most out of the hyper-casual games. Each metric that we have shown will also help you in a long time. 

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