Our Top 5 Branded Games For Food & Beverage Industry

Our Top 5 Branded Games For Food & Beverage Industry

In the food industry, various renowned brands like KFC, Cocacola, and Burger king use branded games for promoting their brand as well as any particular food item. This helps them to maximize brand loyalty and collect customer data for successful future marketing campaigns.

Here’s a list of our Top Branded Games For the Food Industry:

  1. Foody Runner – Play here.
  2. Farm Story  – Play here.
  3. Merge Cafe – Play here.
  4. Guess The Food – Play Here.
  5. Spaghetti – Play Here.

In This article, I will highlight these games in detail to help you decide which one you can pick if you are considering gamification for your next marketing campaign and, of course, you are in the food and beverage industry.

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Our Top 5 Branded Games For Food & Beverage Industry:

1. Foody Runner

Foody Runner is best for restaurants and cafe that sells fast food items. Let me tell you why.

In this game, the player has to collect coins and food items and avoid cars and other blocks coming down the road.

Let’s say to promote a particular burger; you can give a BOGO offer – Buy One Burger and get another one free.

But to get that offer, you put a condition of collecting 10,000 coins in the game. If a customer can show a screenshot that he has scored 10,000 points, he will get that offer.

This is not an easy game. So, your customer will have to play this game for 10 -15 minutes.

So, At Whitelabel, we can make multiple strategic brand placements, due to which your customer will see the brand logo for this whole time.

This will build brand awareness and user engagement like nothing else. That’s why this game is at the top of my today’s list. And I love this game.

However, there is a caveat to this game. It’s a landscape game. If you are looking for something your customers can do in portrait mode, check out the next one.

2. Farm Story

This is another simple yet amazing Html game that you can use if you are in the food industry. Businesses that are related to framing or selling grocery items can make good use of this game.

The mechanics of this game is quite simple. Just match at least three food items in the same line within a time limit:

We can do multiple logo placements and customize the food items if you want. More importantly, this game is playable in the portrait mode that most of our clients prefer. There is nothing much to say about this game. It’s simply amazing.

3. Merge Cafe

Merge Cafe is an amazing game for cafes. In this game, the player has to serve drinks to the customers as per their desire.

When the player starts the game, only one type of drink is available. Seeing the demand for other types of drinks the player has to use coins to invest and make another type of drinks and also increase the capacity to serve as well.

The mechanics of this game is very simple, but it’s quite engaging. As a player, it gives a vibe that you are the owner of a cafe, and the player has to do things in the game to make the cafe business more profitable.

If you have a cafe and you want to promote some particular type of drinks, this game has no alternative.

This game can be customized in various ways to make it more attractive for your next gamified marketing campaign.

4. Guess The Food

Guess the food is an interesting game, especially for kids.

If your target market is mostly young ones, then I think this game is a perfect fit.

As you have probably guessed, this game is a quiz-type game. The player will see a particular type of food, and he will have to figure out the name of the game and write it like you have to do in a word puzzle game where you are given multiple words but in the wrong order.

There is nothing much to talk about in this game. For me, this game is not as exciting as the above games, yet it’s still a good one for many people.

5. Spaghetti

This game is a real tough one, although it looks very simple.

The player has to keep tapping on the screen to increase the length of the spaghetti. It’s something like the snake game, but here if the mouth or the front part of the spaghetti touches itself, you die.

Yeah, you heard me right; this is the entire game. If you are planning on something challenging for your audience, this is the game to go with.

It’s a very light HTML game, and it will run on every device you can think of mobiles, tablets, PC, etc. The device just needs to have a browser.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! I have mentioned some of the best-branded games we have in the food category. I hope you will choose one of these games for the gamification of your digital marketing strategy.

If you have not found your desired game yet, just contact us through the mail, and we can surely find something suitable for you from our vast collection of branded games.

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