How to Build a Mobile Game Portfolio?

How to Build a Mobile Game Portfolio

Building a mobile game portfolio could be an overwhelming process. It requires coding skills, patience, and a lot of effort, so a lot of developers or game studios struggle to build a better mobile game portfolio.

Here are the process of building a mobile game portfolio:

  • Learn to code and build by yourself
  • Hire a developer to build
  • Hire an agency
  • Buy a bunch of hyper-casual games and build a portfolio 

Once you realize the importance of making a game portfolio, it’s time to do a bit of work to create a stunning game portfolio. In this article, I will provide some helpful tips to build a game portfolio.

Learn to Code and Build by Yourself

Yes, you will be able to build your mobile game portfolio with the help of coding. You may have already known that there are plenty of programming languages. If you choose to make your portfolio using programming language, you must learn those languages.

But as you know, coding skills take much time to develop the game’s portfolio. Besides, it pretty often happens that you have been coding for a while, but it is full of errors in the final output. 

Though some people like to build their game portfolio with the help of coding, we don’t think it will be appropriate for you.

Building a game portfolio by learning to code has advantages and disadvantages as well.


  • You will enjoy the process of learning and building every aspect of the game by yourself. Hence, you will become a good developer.
  • You don’t need to spend any money.
  • You will find a good game developer community


  • It requires a lot of time
  • Need the patience to build the game then monetize it.
  • Making the whole by yourself could be frustrating.

Hire A Developer to Build

Another possible way to make a mobile game portfolio is to hire a developer. Many people hire a developer to make the mobile games portfolio. 

Therefore, you need to hire the best developer according to your niche or circumstances.

But what we have discovered is, hiring a developer for making mobile games portfolio is a bit expensive. We don’t have too many quality developers. 

So, the demand for the developer is sky-high now. As a result, you have to spend a lot of money to hire a developer.

Another most acute fact is, hiring a game developer to make mobile games usually cost a lot of time. There is no exact figure, but you may have to spend around $50,000 or so. 

However, making a hyper-casual games usually need way less investment.

Thus, hiring a developer to build a mobile game portfolio will also be pretty expensive.

Hire an Agency

You may be wondering what about hiring a whole agency? It doesn’t seem pretty much award, though. 

Yes, you will also be able to make your mobile game portfolio with the help of hiring a perfect agency for you. Those agencies will prominently work for you regarding making the portfolio of your mobile games.

There’s no doubt about the efficiency of the medium, but there are some issues too that you need to consider. One of the most critical issues while working with an agency regarding the game is that there may be some communication gap.

You know the strategies and planning related to your games. Therefore, working with the agencies here, in this case, will create some troubles. Besides, you may not get the expected portfolio that makes the attractions among the employers or the developers.

Another aspect that might irritate you is the budget. Usually, the agencies that work with developing games or mobile games portfolios charge a lot of money. Now, the question is, whether you are willing to spend that much money or not?

 But, if you are confident enough and hardly have any issues with the money, hiring an agency will not be a wrong choice at all.


Buy A Bunch of Hyper Casual Games and build a portfolio

One of the best ways to build a portfolio of your mobile game is to buy a bunch of hyper-casual games and create a stunning portfolio. The steps or medium we have talked about have some significant issues. You may not find any satisfactory solution with the help of those.

Eventually, it will be pretty excellent when it comes to making your mobile game portfolio by buying a bunch of hyper-casual games. 

Here are the advantages of buying hyper casual games to build a portfolio:

  • You don’t need to learn to code
  • Hyper casual games cost way less than normal mobile games
  • Hyper casual games are profitable and easily monetizable
  • You can easily build a portfolio by buying a bunch of hyper casual games

One of the best platforms to buy many hyper-casual games is AuctionVilla. Hence, you will be able to purchase many hyper-casual games at an affordable price range in the marketplace. 

There are plenty of games of different genres out there. What you need to do is, choose the games according to your requirements.

 It may take only a few minutes to choose the best games. Once you have perfect games to showcase in your portfolio, there is the best chance to get hired. 

Besides, you will perform accessible communication with the seller. Doing so will ease you while buying hyper-casual games and building a mobile games portfolio.

Furthermore, if we were to offer the simplest and most cost-effective strategy for developing a mobile game portfolio, we would recommend acquiring games first.

How To Build a Mobile Game Portfolio by Acquiring games?

Once you have many hyper-casual games in your pocket, it’s time to build a stunning mobile game portfolio. Furthermore, you must know some essential factors while making the mobile game portfolio. We will let you know these tips right below.

1.   Attractive Layouts: You have to catch the eye of casual mobile gamers or develop with the beautiful layouts of your portfolio. To do so, you need to give enough importance to make your portfolio visually pleasing.

2.   Choose the Right Format: There are possibly many formats out there. You can make the portfolio with text, images, audio, videos, etc. It will be much better to include almost all this stuff in your portfolio.

3.   Include Essential Information: Besides giving enough emphasis on creating a strong visual presence, you need to put essential information about you and the games. Don’t rush. You have to present the fun in your portfolio with in-depth details.

You should also include the contact page, reviews from the players, a demo video of your game, screenshot, etc. Besides, don’t forget to include how someone can play the games in your portfolio.

4.   Decorate Your Profile: Once you have included all the essential information in your portfolio, it’s time to re-check and decorate the file. Do whatever steps you need to do to get an organized portfolio. Add some additional pages if required. A highly decorated page will create a different impression.

There are no specific forms of gaming portfolios out there. But, if you include the games on your portfolio, it will enhance the portfolio’s value by a large margin. Some people will always judge your portfolio with the best games in it.

Related Questions

Are games good for your portfolio?

Games are good for your portfolio as it helps you earn handsome revenue. You will create more value with your portfolio if you include the games. 

We have seen people acquiring games on their portfolios to get a better position. However, there is also much more significance behind this. Once you build mobile games portfolio, it showcases your skills and potential.

How do I make a gaming portfolio?

There are many ways out there like; learning code and building yourself, hiring developers, hiring agencies, and stuff. But, the best way to make a gaming portfolio is to buy a bunch of hyper-casual games and then make a strong portfolio.

Besides, it would help if you tried to include some of the critical factors of the games properly. Don’t forget to apply attractive designs and layouts.

Final Words

We have discussed all the possible factors as you had questions about building a mobile game portfolio. Now, you have all the possible ways in front of you. However, it would help to choose the most prominent way to buy hyper-casual games and build a portfolio.

Nobody can ever deny the importance of building a mobile game portfolio. So, it’s high time to make one and showcase your excellence before the world.

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