How To Apply Gamification To Your Marketing Strategy?

How To Apply Gamification To Your Marketing Strategy?

According to a survey done by Forbes, 70% of leading global companies already use or have future plans to use gamification for marketing purposes and to retain their customers.  

The best way to apply gamification to your marketing strategy is to incorporate advergames or branded games in your marketing campaigns. Brands that have used gamification through branded games have noticed an increase in sales and more customer retention.

Gamification is not a new thing. It’s been around for decades, and now, most brands are applying gamification in their marketing strategies for better results & the best way to do it is through branded games.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can incorporate gamification into your marketing strategy through branded games. So, keep reading!

Are Branded games Right for Your Business?

There are several case studies done by authentic sources on brands that have used Branded games and the results were pretty amazing.

KFC japan reported a 106% increase in sales using branded games. The retention rate of customers also increased manifolds.

Just think of traditional ad campaigns. People don’t watch ads for more than 10 seconds. It’s a serious issue for businesses like ours.

Only branded games can solve this issue. People love playing games. So, if you want to promote a service or product, it’s better to engage your customer by letting them play a game that will contain the promotion of your brand and the product or service you want to promote.

It will create massive user engagement, and you are most likely be able to create strong brand awareness among your target customers.

So, who should use branded games? I would say, every business that wants to grow their business by improving brand awareness and increasing sales and user retention must try branded games.

As a matter of fact, the goal of every business is to grow, reach more and more customers and add a positive impact on their life.

In my perspective, every business can benefit from adding gamification to their marketing strategies and as I have mentioned earlier, branded games is the solution that most brand is looking for.

Things That Will Make Brandedgaming Campaigns Successful:


By versatility, what we mean is that the branded game will have to run easily on every platform. At Whitelabel, you might already know that we use html5 games that run on every mobile phone and computer irrespective of operating systems.

If your device has a browser, you can play our games. That is the first thing that every branded game must-have to ensure the success of any marketing campaign through branded games.

Free of Cost:

Let’s be honest here; you will never pay to see any ad, and neither will I. By free of cost, I mean your target customers should be able to play branded games without paying anything. 

Appealing To Your Target Market:

For a marketing campaign to be successful, the campaign needs to be appealing, and there is no doubt about that.

If you gamify your marketing campaigns, it will be more appealing to everyone. Also, the particular type of branded game that you will be choosing needs to be a good one as well.

In our platform, you will see that we use super exciting games that have very simple mechanics and is very addictive in nature, which makes them perfect for marketing campaigns.

How To Choose The Right Branded Game For Your Business?

It is very important to choose the right game for your business or brand that you can use for your next marketing campaign.

Here’s a simple step by step process that you should follow:

At Whitelabel, currently, we have over 100s games for you to choose from. So, determining the right one can be a little tough.

1. Determine The Type of Brand or product you Want to Promote:

Suppose you have a restaurant and you are willing to promote a particular type of food. In that case, you have to choose a game that goes well with your business.

The bottom line is, go to the list of games we offer and find tags that go with your brands or products.

If you are in the fitness or sports industry, you should choose from the games that are in that category.

All the games at Whitelabel are categorized well to make things easier for you.

2. Check Our List of Games:

Check out all the games available at Whitelabel here.

There are a lot of games available. I am sure you will be able to find the one that best suits your marketing plans and campaigns.

Here are some examples of games that will go well for any marketing campaign of a restaurant or related businesses in the food industry:

3. Play All The Games That Are Related To Your Industry:

There might be a lot of games, but if you are looking for a specific category, you will find a few. This will make the choice process faster.

Just play the game to check if it’s addictive enough, free of bugs, loads fast, and has enough placements for the promotion of your brand.

4. Choose The One That Seems Good for Your Target Customers and Place Order:

As a marketer, you should know better than anyone else which game your target market will love to play.

If you find the one branded game that fits all the criteria you are looking for, then you are done with the process; now, all you have to do is place an order for that game.

If you want to buy any branded game from us, first choose a game and then place your order. You can place your order directly by clicking here.

Or, you can get in touch with us, and our team can suggest you the best game for your business by doing proper research.

So, How Can Whitelabel Help You With Your Next Marketing Campaign?

Whitelabel is a platform that provides branded games for your business. Using branded games from Whitelabel, you can boost your sales and brand awareness by up to 90%.

How To Get Started With Whitelabel?

The process is very simple:

  • Select a game from the collections here.
  • Choose brand placement positions (take screenshots), up to 3.
  • Send us a mail including your brand assets, game ID, and placement positions at [email protected].

Final Thoughts:

Across the globe, brands that want to apply gamification to their marketing strategy are considering branded games for their future marketing campaign, and so should you.

Our team at WhiteLabel is working 24/7 to make sure you can get the best possible branded game for your next marketing campaign. So, get a branded game from us, partner up with influencers, and see how your business goes viral – in days, not weeks.

Branded games are the way to a winning move to outperform your competition without spending a fortune.

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