How Gamification Will Change Your Business Intelligence?

Gamification, Business intelligence

Gamification offers strategic games to the business in order to engage and motivate users. Gamification on casual games for a particular brand will provide a lot of data that will change your business intelligence.

Here are some factors of gamification that will change your business intelligence:

  • Offers valuable customer data 
  • Increases brand awareness and customer engagement
  • Offers marketing strategy through branded games
  • Improves employee performance
  • Increases sales

You can change your business intelligence and get more customer data through gamification. In this article, I’m going to discuss how gamification can provide much-needed data for your business.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a process of adding game mechanics to non-game platforms such as business, education, health, and websites to increase user engagement.

Nowadays, gamification is mostly used for marketing a brand or business. Suppose you come across any casual game that shows the branding of a particular business. In that case, it is also known as gamification or advergames.

The sole purpose of advergames is to market a particular brand through a casual game that engages customers.

5 Factors of Gamification that Will Change Your Business Intelligence

1. Offers Valuable Customer Data 

Through gamification, your business can collect a lot of data from your customers and your employees. 

Gamification offers classic game elements like badges, points, and leaderboards; you can also choose different types of game dynamics according to your business needs.

According to Forbes, 70% of global companies already use gamification for marketing purposes to retain their customers.

Any business can get valuable customer data by using google analytics or Facebook pixels, showing the total users per day, users retention rate, location, conversion rate, and many insights.

Customer insights are valuable for a business to change its dynamic according to customer needs. Through advergames or branded games, you can easily install analytics and pixel to get all your data.

2. Increases Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement

Creating brand awareness is essential while you are new on the market and have a lot of competition. 

You can easily create brand awareness through traditional marketing, which most brands do. However, gamification offers so much intelligence that it increases brand awareness in a short amount of time.

Branded games have been around for decades, and many global companies have used them to increase their brand awareness and customer engagement. 

Most global companies used branded games to create branded awareness, for example, Coca-cola, KFC, Burger King, 7-Up, Ford, etc.

Nowadays, games are very popular, and people play games without anyone’s encouragement which makes it a viable option to market a product or brand.

When a user plays advergames, they get to know about the company. As they are playing, businesses can get data on customer engagement.

3. Offers Marketing Strategy Through Branded Games

Gamification also works on popular casual games; branded games provide great ad placement within the game, which keeps the user engaged while showing the ads of a particular brand.

At AuctionVilla platforms, we are offering gamification on casual games which are known as branded games; you can easily advertise your business through branded games and get valuable data from your customers.

We offer customization to the branded games depending on your business needs. For example, if you have a business that requires Food related games or classic arcade games or any type of action games, you can get them customized from us.

Branded games offer so much potential for a business, which you can use for proper marketing.

4. Improves Employee Performance

Gamification is not just being used for marketing purposes; companies also use them to improve employee performance. 

Almost any business can easily apply gamification to their workplace, which will drive employee engagement and offer an active environment to the workplace.

There are many game mechanics, such as scoreboards or leaderboards, which businesses can introduce to the workplace. 

According to your business needs, you can perform different game mechanics in the workplace to check which works best for your business.

Gamification in the workplace can boost the communication between employees, job performance, and staying active at the workplace.

5. Increases Sales

Gamification has a lot of benefits that boost the growth of a business. As you can see all the data of your customers and optimize your business strategy accordingly, it will increase the conversion of sales and build brand loyalty.

Branded games have been around for decades, and many global companies are using them to increase the retention rate of the customers and sales.

So, How Can Whitelabel Help You to Improve your Business Intelligence?

Whitelabel is a platform that provides branded games for your business. Using branded games from Whitelabel, you can boost your sales and brand awareness by up to 90%.

How To Get Started With Whitelabel?

The process is very simple:

  • Select a game from the collections here.
  • Choose brand placement positions (take screenshots), up to 3.
  • Send us a mail including your brand assets, game ID, and placement positions at [email protected].

You can check out the free and premium plan by clicking here.

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