How Do You Market Hyper Casual Games?

How do you Market hyper Casual games

Are you searching for the answer to how do you market your hyper-casual games? Therefore, the success of your game largely depends on how perfectly you market your game online. Credit goes to the fascinating technology improvement that makes the job more straightforward to reach your potential buyers. 

There are plenty of effective strategies, platforms, and tools out there to help you promote and market your game.

Here’s a step-by-step Process to follow:

  • Add Your Games to Apps Store and Marketplace
  • Know Where Your Customers Are
  • Get in Touch with Your Audience
  • Build Strong Online Presence
  • Keep Investing in Ads

We will cover the facts here. You need to know the best uses of some tactics with the high potentiality to make a lot of money by promoting your hyper-casual games properly.

So, let’s have a deep dive!

How Do You Promote Casual Games?

Promoting your hyper-casual games isn’t a single task. You will be able to promote your games in many efficient ways. You may make the best games, but it won’t pay you anything if you cannot promote them properly.

 Here, promoting means reaching your potential audience more effectively. Before making any games, the developers must perform market research to know your audience, competitor, and stuff.

As millions of people worldwide use social media platforms, it will be a significant loss if you are not there with your games. You should know the general term “Social Media Marketing”.

However, you can effectively promote your hyper-casual games through several social media channels out there.

Here is how you can promote your hyper casual games:

Know Where Your Customers Are

As we mentioned, there are plenty of social media channels out there. As a marketer, you should know where most of your targeted audience interacts. 

Some of the biggest social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram (we will talk about it briefly), Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Behance, Medium, Reddit, and stuff.

Once you know which channels to target correctly, you can find a lot of ease while promoting your hyper-casual games.

Get in Touch with Your Audience

Creating social media presence will not do the work. Besides, you have to try to reach your targeted audience. First, you should try to reach your customers organically. It may take some time, but it will work.

Therefore, you can also go with the paid promotion. Social Media paid advertisements recent days come with effective benefits.

You can run a Facebook YouTube Ads campaign to promote your game. The trend of playing games is sky-high, so your little effort can make a difference.

Besides, don’t forget to provide your audience with actual values. You may also get that luxury to ask the social media influencer to promote your game—especially those who make game-related content and stuff.


How do I Market My Games On Instagram?

According to Statista, there are about 1,1180 million active users on Instagram. We hope you have already found the importance of promoting games on Instagram. But you should know how you market your games on Instagram correctly.

First and foremost, you badly need to be visually perfect when you intend to promote your games through Instagram. Besides, you have to post regularly from your Instagram business pages.

You may take that luxury to run Instagram Ads, which is pretty compelling.

Another crucial aspect of promoting games on Instagram is performing influential marketing. Try to collaborate with the people who work with games to reach your customers.

Besides, it would be best to post valuable content like a short video play, screenshots, and stuff to keep the audience engaged.

What Are Game Marketing Methods?

To give your level best to market your games to get the most out of those. Therefore, there are many methods available that you can pick to perform the task of game marketing.

Here, we will see some of the most effective ways to promote hyper-casual games.

Video Ads

You can never deny the importance of video advertisement. Therefore, you will be able to reach millions of your customers with the help of video Ads. Your potential customers are spending lots of their time watching videos.

Add Your Games to Apps Store and Marketplace

You will probably get most of your potential customers in the mobile apps store.

So, make sure the game you have made intends to make it in the apps store. You have to put your game in Google Play Store.

Besides, a marketplace like our AuctionVilla can also allow you to sell your game correctly. It can help you generate some upfront revenue.

Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion is one of the most efficient and effective ways to promote your hyper-casual games. Nevertheless, you will be able to promote your game free of cost with the help of cross-promotion techniques.

You can perform the task for cross-promotion with your other games, or you may contact other developers to collaborate with you. It may take some time, but the technique is pretty compelling.

Different Ads Network

Monetize your game with premium Ad network that can easily increase earning and allow you to market your game.

There are far many Ads network platforms out there that you can choose from. The ad networks will provide you with millions of loyal games.

According to Tenjin Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report 2021, the top 10 ad networks are;

  • AppLovin.
  • Google Ads.
  • Unity Ads.
  • Iron Source.
  • Facebook.
  • Integral.
  • Vungle.
  • Snapchat.
  • AdColony.
  •  Tapjoy.

You can choose the best ad networks according to your circumstances and feel suitable for your game. But, if we talk about the lowest CPI rate, the AppLovin is on the top with $0.08.

Push Notifications

Push notification is pretty effective where you will get the opportunity to reach your targeted audience directly.

Push notification is trending as well, and you will be able to promote your game consistently with these methods. Besides, this is one of the most personalized ways to get more customers.

Game Publishers

Game publishers will take the responsibility to publish and promote your game. If you can somehow make the best games, the game publishers will help you a lot. Some of the most renowned game publishers are;

  •  Voodoo.
  •  Ketcchap.
  •  Lion Studios.
  •  Crazy Labs.
  • Amanotes, etc.

These publishers are impressive when it comes to publishing your hyper-casual games.

What Is the Best Marketing Strategy?

You must follow a marketing strategy to promote your games online. Like other marketing strategies, the strategy to promote games will remain almost the same.

Once you follow the strategy carefully, you will succeed with your games.

Identify Your Targeted Audience

It’s always essential to know who your targeted audience is. You will surely be out of the running if you don’t know who you are developing the game.

Knowing the audience is one of the fundamental aspects of marketing strategies.

Competitor Analysis

Once you have a pretty clear knowledge about your targeted audience, now, it’s essential to know your competitor.

It will provide you with ease while marketing your game if you know your competitors’ approach. Besides, you can also use their marketing strategies as well.


Build Strong Online Presence

It would help if you created a strong online presence to take your games to the expected audience. Hence, creating websites, YouTube channels, and other social media presence will provide you with much ease while marketing your game.

Make Valuable Content

Someone will not be attracted to your game if you do not prove value to them with the best content. 

So, as a game developer, you should also know how to create stunning content. Making exciting videos and blog posts related to games will be superb.

When Should I Start Marketing My Game?

Suppose it will be a wrong choice if you start marketing your game after publishing it. However, you have to start early.

Some developers fix a release date, and they have been promoting their games. Once you are pretty familiar with your audience, it will benefit you when you appear with a game.

Therefore, it will be much better if you declare the date of publishing your game at least one month ago and continue your marketing activities.

Moreover, you can start marketing your game after knowing your potential customers.

Related Questions

How Can I Market My Game for Free?

You can promote your game free of cost in several ways. The most helpful weapon is to use social media sites. We are not talking about paid advertisements.

Hence, you can also organically promote your game by creating engaging content. Besides, you can promote your game through blogs, promotional offers and stuff.

How Do You Advertise on App Games?

There are possibly many ways. You can go through different ad networks, social media, video making, cross-promotion and stuff to promote your app games.

Besides, you can also go with the game publisher to better promote your game.

How Do Mobile Games Advertise?

You can earn a lot of money with mobile games advertisements. Once you make the best game, you will get that scope on your games to showcase different ads of others.

Even if your game is free to play, you can earn revenue from games advertisements with different formats. It is a monetization strategy as well.

Final Thoughts

Now, how do you market your hyper-casual games? We know you have learnt a lot from here.

You should choose one or many promotional methods or techniques to take your hyper-casual games to the top.

Therefore, promoting your games perfectly will ensure the durability of your games. Happy promoting your games!

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