How Do You Make a Hit Mobile Game in 2022?

How Do You Make a Hit Mobile Game in 2022

If you are searching for the best place to know how to make a hit mobile game, you have come to that desired place. Creating a mobile game is an easy task. But the developers have to follow specific tactics when discussing the games that stand out. 

To make a hit mobile game, you have to make perfect strategies and know some basics. You should know your audience and how to promote and market the game. Besides, understanding the ideal mechanisms, software, and design will provide you with ease while making the next hit mobile game.

However, we will go through some possible ways to help you be a successful game developer with the most successful games. 

How do you make a hit mobile game? Let’s make things happen!

10 Ways to Build a Hit Mobile Game

You can be the next developer who will make a mobile hit game that will go viral! Therefore, we highly recommend you to read the ways of meaning successful games carefully.  

However, the tactics will remain the same for mobile or hyper-casual games. What you need to do is to relate the factors to your circumstances. 

 1. Know Your Audience

First, you have to know who you tend to make the next stunning games. Without knowing a lot about the people who are more likely to take your games to the next level, you can’t make your game hit.

So, it’s essential to take your time to market reach and know precisely whom you are targeting. 

Try to gather as much data about your audience as you can. Therefore, having solid player data from Game Analytics and using it properly will be another good practice.   Who the trends that they follow and generate ideas to reach that targeted audience. 

We often see many so-called “developers” make games without knowing the audience and genre and will be at a loss.

The thing is, if you want to see your game make a buzz in the industry, you will need to see the game not only through the perspective of a developer but also through the perspective of a businessman.

2. Choose The Proper Mechanism

There are many types of mechanisms of mobile or hyper-casual games out there. Therefore, choosing the best and most popular mechanisms is a vital thing you should do.

Once you have done a pretty good market report, you will be able to choose the best mechanism that will work for you. 

You can follow the trendy mobile games that are currently on top charts in google play store or app store then analyse those game mechanics and brainstorm some ideas.

However, the most common and popular mechanisms out there are merging mechanisms, stacking mechanisms, growing mechanisms, etc. Besides, it isn’t always necessary for you to use a single mechanism. You can go with the different mechanisms that best suit your audience’s choice.

 3. Select the Best Software 

Time has changed; you are no longer making mobile games using coding or programming languages. There are ways for a developer to utilize the best software while making hyper-casual games.

You can check our latest blog to learn how you make mobile games without coding.

It would help if you never denied the importance of game development software. The most common software for making mobile games that you can use are;

  • Unity.
  • Buildbox.
  • Blender.
  • Game Maker.
  • Autodesk.

However, too much highly efficient game-developing software is also available for you. Besides, it doesn’t matter what software you choose; you have to make sure you create the best games ever. 

4. Ensure the Best Design

First time when you are building the game, the design might not be perfect but after testing it over and over the design and the mechanics of your game is going to improve.

This is a harsh truth that you won’t make your mobile game a hit game unless you have a better UX and UI design with the game you tend to make. 

If this sounds not clear, think about the most popular mobile game you see and the best designs layouts the game contains.

So, whatever genre of mobile games you tend to build, you have to make sure you put a perfect and engaging design because it means a lot to your audience. 

Think about the ‘Angry Bird,’ one of the most popular mobile games. The way the developers create the layout has taken the game to the next level.

To get more ideas about successful game design, you can check out AuctionVilla, one of the best marketplaces for mobile hyper-casual games.

5. Make Your Game Interactive

Can you ever make your mobile game hit without any interactive features? We know the answer, and it won’t be ‘youth core concept of getting the most out of your mobile game is ensuring interactiveness.

But what will make your game even more interactive?

Well, there are a bunch of tactics that you can follow to make your mobile games more interactive.  You have to ensure that your targeted audience, or the people who tend to play your game, never feel demotivated to play your game. 

Therefore, you have to create the game so that people find the game more engaging and interactive to play. To be more specific, you need to focus on creating the best playing experience among the potential players so that they enjoy and share the games with others. 

6. Allow Offline Play

When you talk about mobiles games or hyper-casual games, it will be much better if you allow simply offline play. However, the motto of mobile games will be to make the games accessible for all cases. 

So, if you allow the offline play of your game, you will be able to get many players who prefer to play offline. You will realize this fact by looking at some of the most popular mobile games which allow people to play online. 

7. Make Game Easy to Play

Most highly successful mobile games are easy to play. It will be better if you don’t make the games more complete. Games that are comparatively easy to play attain the ability to reach a more comprehensive number of people. 

Once you make interactive games with trouble-free play, there are high possibilities that you can make your games hit. You may never want to get poor ratings on the Play Store, do you? Games that are too hard to play will never inspire people to play repeatedly in this busy world. 

8. Test and Prototype Your Game Regularly

It’s essential to complete the testing process before publishing the game. The benefit of regular testing and prototyping is that you will be able to decide whether you are going with the right model. This task is suitable for all the products before arriving at the market. 

Therefore, we recommend testing your game in several standards to get the best final output. Besides, performing the task of prototyping will also provide you with the opportunities to know how your game will perform. 

However, if you can utilize the data that you will get from test and prototyping, you can be the maker of the next mobile hit game. 

9. Promote Your Game Properly

You have been able to make a stunning game and expect to have millions of players. But, what if there is a lack of promotion? You should know that nothing will perform better without advertising in the modern world.

So, knowing how to promote or market your mobile games is one of the key tasks you should perform. You can promote your games via social media sites because of their popularity. Therefore, mediums like Play Store and the mobile game marketplace are channels you should never avoid. 

If you can promote your game correctly, you will be able to reach people beyond your expectation. Besides, never miss the opportunity to go with the different ads network according to Tenjin Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report 2021.

10. Monetize Your Game

Are you a developer who tends to make games without having any money interest? ‘No,’ we guess! However, it’s vital to monetize your mobile game as you are looking forwards to making a mobile hit game.

The best methods to monetize your mobiles are In-app ads, app-purchase, cross-promotion, etc. You can also check one of our blogs about mobile game monetization. 

Final Thoughts

How do you make a hit mobile game now? Following the above ways will enable you to make the most successful mobile game developer. Everyone wants to perform better in the Play Store, where you will find the most number of your players. Hence, this blog will guide you on that path.

We recommend you make robust strategies that are key to success in making games. Perform each way carefully and take enough time. However, making a hit game may seem easy and exciting only if you can execute the proper plans. 

Don’t you want to be the best with your game on the marketplace?

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