How do Branded Games Work on Food Industry?

How Branded Games Works in Food Industries

Branded games offer a creative way to market a restaurant or food business that is currently launching a new food item or wants to create awareness among the audience. 

Branded games work in food industries by using the following criteria:

  • Creates awareness for the particular food brand
  • Engages users in the game
  • Works as viral marketing
  • Showing different types of food within the game
  • Add levels and scores to provide offers
  • Businesses can get valuable data from the customers

The sole purpose of using branded games is for marketing, and it is also known as advergames. In this article, I will explain how branded games work in food brands and why you should use them for your brand too.

Creates Awareness

Branded games are a great way to create awareness among users. As branded games only show ads for a particular brand, avoiding ad fatigue with viewers. 

In traditional marketing, a lot of ads are shown on casual games but on branded games its customized to show only the branded marketing of a particular business.

For a food brand, if you are launching a new restaurant, then you can easily use branded games to create awareness. 

When someone is playing a game, it releases dopamine (good feeling) among the users, and you will be at the top of your mind when a user is craving food. 

Engages Users

With traditional marketing, you approach someone with your advertisement or the offer you are currently providing. 

But for branded games, users tend to play them on their own, and if they like the game or get the offer that is included within the game, people tend to share it with their friends and family.

So, branded games create engagement and a larger audience without spending a ton of money on marketing.

The engaged users offer so much value to the brand that increases the conversion rate and sales of the business.

Works as Viral Marketing

Casual games easily go viral depending on the trend whereas branded games can go viral depending on the marketing strategy you apply.

Viral marketing will increase the brand value, user engagement rate, user loyalty and sales.

Most of the time people play casual games to relieve stress when they see a branded games on their social media platform they might try the game for a while and share the game with others while having fun.

This type of branded games marketing strategy really puts your business ahead of the competition. 

Offers Game Customization for Food Brand

At AuctionVilla platform we are offering customization to casual games according to your business. 

If you have food business then we will recommend you casual games and customization accordingly. You can also tell us about your recommendations.

For food business we recommend casual games that are related food. For example, here are some games that we currently recommend for any campaign-related to food business.

Merge Cafe - branded games
Merge Cafe
Farm Story - branded Games
Farm Story

Foody Runner – Play here.

Farm Story  – Play here.

Merge Cafe – Play here.

Guess The Food – Play Here.

Spaghetti – Play Here.

These games are easily playable and works on all the platforms. For customization, you can add your brand logo and the type of food you might be offering.

These types of customization will tell your audience about the business and create more conversion than the traditional marketing. 

To learn more about our branded games you can check out here.

Collects Valuable Data from Users

Collecting data from users end is extremely frustrating process and this process can get quite messy.

Branded games allow you to collect users data using google analytics and facebook pixel. You can check the demographics of your audience, their interest, engagement and you can customize your business strategy accordingly.

Examples of top Branded mini games used in the food industry

1. Burger King Sneak King

Burger King attempted to put customers in control of its mascot. The Sneak King game was a notable success for the brand. In fact, this was one of the top 10 best-selling games in 2006.

The four-level game tasked players to deliver meals to hungry NPCs. Each level featured a unique map with 20 challenges.

Sneak King game

Despite being reviewed as bizarre, the game was a massive success. Burger King sold 2.7 million copies – each copy for $3.99 with any value meal.

2. Coca-Cola’s Pepsi Invaders

Released in 1983, this game is a modified version of popular Space Invaders. This game was intended to boost the morale of Coca-Cola employees.

The game featured unlimited lives and three minutes time limit to complete levels as much as possible. The mod replaced aliens with P-E-P-S-I and required the player’s UFO canon to shoot them down.

Pepsi Invaders gameplay

This is a rare collection game with only 125 copies distributed. Collectors reportedly sell copies for up to $1,825 on eBay.

3. KFC’s Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi was first introduced in 2000 and it was Sega’s arcade hit game; you can easily get the modern copy on PCs and Xboxs.

This game shows the branding of KFC, Pizza Hut, Levi’s ,etc; the main objective is to pick-up and drop-off customers in the taxi while cruising around the city.

This game shows how brands in the food industry create engagement with the customers and get more conversions than their competition.

Final Thoughts

Branded games are an innovative way to market your food business. As you can see from the examples, big companies used this strategy a long time ago, and still many companies are doing it.

So, if you would like to spend less on marketing while gaining more ROI, you can use our branded games and all the strategies we provide with our standard package.

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